Do your tours run every day?

Our tours do run every day and in all weather conditions, so do dress appropriately, wear comfortable walking shoes, and bring an umbrella and/or rain jacket if rain is in the forecast. 

Where do the tours start?

All tours start from the Martyr's Memorial (Magdalen St.) in central Oxford on the corner of Beaumont and St. Giles. Get directions here.

How will I recognize the guide?

Your guide will be wearing a blue and white lanyard with our Oxford Tours logo.

Where will the tour end?

This will depend on your guide and conditions in Oxford on the day of your tour (e.g. demonstrations, athletic events, weather etc. may alter your guide's route), however, all tours will end in central Oxford within a few minutes' walk from where the tour begins.

How long are your tours?

All our tours are approximately 2 hours long. Sometimes your tour may run a few minutes over or under time.

Where do I park my vehicle if coming to Oxford for a tour?

Parking in central Oxford can be expensive and unpredictable, therefore, we always recommend visitors use one of the several Park & Rides. Combined parking and return bus tickets in and out of central Oxford are much cheaper than parking in central Oxford and you'll never have to worry about getting a parking ticket!

How are your free tours free?

The tours are free because there is no upfront cost and the guides work exclusively on voluntary tips. We believe that you should have the freedom to decide the value of your tour yourself and then tip your guide accordingly if you had a great experience; and we work very hard to ensure that you do! 

In accordance with the regulations laid out for tour companies by the Advertising Standards Authority we are obliged to inform you that your guide is required to give £1 for each adult on their tour to Oxford Tours Ltd. This is standard practice for free tours and usually these funds are used for marketing and promotions of the tours. However, at select times of the year Oxford Tours Ltd. forwards these funds to Crisis, a non-profit committed to ending homelessness in Oxford and the United Kingdom. 

Which languages are your tours offered in?

Currently, we are running English tours only, however, we expect to be adding Spanish speaking guides to our roster very soon.

Are your tours suitable for children?

All our tours and designed to be informative whilst entertaining for adults and children alike. The story of the Oxford Martyrs is a historic event wherein several prominent bishops were burned at the stake in 1555 and 1556. We leave it to your discretion as your child's guardian to decide if your child should hear that story or not. Your guide will make it clear when/if that story is forthcoming. 

Are the tour routes accessible for all travellers (e.g. for wheelchairs, prams, scooters, etc.)?

Oxford and its university is a millennium old and, therefore, there can be issues with accessibility. The free tours have a just a few steps up and down in a couple of locations, but there are also short flat routes that guests can take to rejoin the group. The other tours do involve steps, for example, to dining halls and other sites. However, these are infrequent and brief periods of the tour after which we come back the way we came to rejoin anyone who might prefer to wait. 

Are pets allowed on your tours?

Pets are allowed on the free tours so long as they're well behaved and you have them under firm control. Please keep your pet close to you and keep them from walking behind the guide or getting too close to the guide--as this distracts the other guests from the guide's delivery of the tour, which can then affect your guide's income.

Pets are not allowed on the paid tours as these involve entrance to sites wherein animals are not allowed. 

Don't see your question?

If your questions has not been addressed above do contact us. You'll likely get a faster response using our contact form or emailing us direct. See you on the tour!


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